Can I Take Probiotics for Yeast Infections?

Let’s face it – while a sensitive subject, there isn’t enough discussion around women’s health as it pertains to yeast infections.

From teaching women how to address yeast infections naturally to educating them on indicators of when a yeast infection is going away, our team has been committed to breaking the stigma and helping raise awareness about this common but often misunderstood issue. probiotics for yeast infections

As a supporter of holistic health like us, you may be wondering if you can take supplements like probiotics for yeast infections. Today, we address this topic using peer-reviewed research. 

Probiotics and Vaginal Health

Whether you find your probiotics in fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut, or take them as a supplement, probiotics have already been shown to help maintain a healthy gut. 

But the question we pose today is, “can gut health impact vaginal health as well?” In short, yes! 

Vaginal and Cervical Epithelial Cells

Several studies have demonstrated the ability of Lactobacillus bacteria to adhere to vaginal and cervical epithelial cells. These cells help your body maintain structural integrity and limit the passage of molecular and cellular substances into the vagina and cervix – and can also help ward off yeast infection-causing bacteria or harmful bacterial overgrowth as a result. The stronger the cell membranes, the more effectively your body can keep itself guarded.

Probiotics for Yeast Infections

As with any supplement, probiotics are not a cure-all, and they should never be considered as such. They are, however, an effective way to support your body and help promote its already-existing protective functions. 

For example, one of the most detrimental bacteria in the vagina is known as gardnerella vaginalis. It can lead to yeast infections, along with making the body prone to a number of other STIs. Research has demonstrated that lactobacillus acidophilus was actually able to prevent the adhesion of gardnerella vaginalis to vaginal and cervical epithelial cells. 

When ingested in a probiotic, lactobacillus acidophilus travels through the GI tract to the gut, which is then able to disperse it to the area where it is needed to help balance out harmful bacterial strains.

It’s All About Balance

In summary, your vaginal health depends on a number of factors – age, pre-existing conditions, stress levels, and much more. However, the right probiotics may help support a vaginal microbiome that is well-balanced with both good and bad bacteria. 

While probiotics can be used to help maintain vaginal health, you should contact your doctor if you are experiencing or frequently experience symptoms of a yeast infection.

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