How Many Strains Should Probiotics Have?

If you’re new to probiotics, you’ve probably asked yourself the question, “How many strains should probiotics have?”how many strains should probiotics have

And to be honest, you’re not alone. It’s been a hot topic in the world of gut health for some time now. With so many probiotics available on the market, it’s natural to wonder why there’s so much variance in the number of bacterial strains out there. 

Probiotics and Gut Health

Our digestive system relies on good bacteria in order to function properly. These bacteria do everything from helping our bodies break down food to maintain healthy nutrient absorption and more. In fact, there have even been studies that link gut bacteria with other aspects of our lives, such as mood and even acne levels.

Often, due to factors such as stress, antibiotic use, a poor diet, pre-existing conditions, etc, these bacteria can become outnumbered by “bad” bacteria, potentially causing adverse effects on your digestive system, including (but not limited to) diarrhea, bloating, gassiness, and issues related to vaginal health.

The friendly flora found in probiotics aim to balance out the good and bad bacteria in your gut to help maintain a healthy microbiome and keep things running smoothly. 

The Importance of Probiotic Strains

Generally speaking, the more microbial diversity you have when it comes to the good bacteria in your gut, the more poised your digestive system is to handle whatever life throws its way. Believe it or not, each strain has its own unique benefits to our microbiome. So having a diverse variety of good bacteria is the best way to ensure you’re setting your gut up for success. 

How Many Strains Should Probiotics Have?

What not many people know is that just because having more diversity is important, doesn’t mean it should be packed into every probiotic. Quite the contrary, actually. “More” is not always better when it comes to probiotic supplements. That’s because you need enough of each strain available in each dose in order for it to make a difference, and your body has to be able to break it down effectively. 

For example, probiotics containing 100+ probiotic strains in one capsule often do not survive the journey through the digestive tract, rendering them less effective by the time they reach your gut. In other words, it’s better to give a few probiotic strains a high chance to actually make it into your gut microbiome than giving many strains a very low chance of seeding your digestive tract. 

how many strains should probiotics have

Probiotics From Global Health Trax Are Formulated to Survive

At Global Health Trax, we recognize the importance of giving valuable good bacteria a fight-chance to survive. That’s why, instead of “crowding” our supplements with hundreds are bacterial strains, we focus on seeding select probiotic strains through regimental use. 

Our probiotic line (ThreeLac, FiveLac, and SevenLac) uses a “spore-forming” approach – allowing strains to survive throughout the gastric process. This unique capability is exactly what makes GHT products so effective. Packaged in individual packets or easy-to-swallow caps, our products are easier than ever to introduce into your daily routine!

Take Back Your Gut Health!

At Global Health Trax, we take pride in creating dependable, natural supplements that help our customers keep their wellbeing on track. Our mission is to deliver the best digestive nutritional products with progressive formulations for optimal wellness, longevity, and quality of life for people across the world. 

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