Importance of Digestive Health During the Holidays

As holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around, it’s more important than ever for us to look inward. Not just from a “friends and family” perspective but also in its more literal meaning. 

thanksgiving dinner

The holidays can do a number on digestive health. From overeating to an abundance of sweet treats, the threats to your gut’s microbiome are endless! 

Don’t worry. Here are two ways to stay at your best, even if your diet isn’t where it needs to be: 

Take a Daily Probiotic

Many health professionals advocate for daily probiotic use, but during November and December, that need grows in importance even more.  There’s an internal struggle being fought in your gut each day.  That power struggle exists between “good” bacteria, which help regulate everything from your mood to your bowel movements, and “bad” bacteria, which can bring some serious health problems when left unchecked. 

Our FiveLac Probiotic provides your body with the support it needs for keeping the imbalance at bay. This is critical as we head towards Grandma’s famous pies and Uncle Roger’s eggnog. Here at Global Health Trax, our supplements are packed with select beneficial microflora, hand-picked to do the trick. 

Add Digestive Enzymes

All of those good bacteria you’re incorporating into your routine will need some help to stay in top form. Digestive enzymes provide that muscle by breaking down difficult-to-digest foods. Anything from lactose, which is found in most milk and cheese (even that extra dab of butter you may have mixed into the mashed potatoes when no one was looking) to proteins and fats that your body would otherwise have a difficult time processing, can be assisted with digestive enzymes.

And thankfully, Global Health Trax has you covered here, too. Our celebrated digestive enzymes can support your body through the worst: from occasional Acid Indigestion to occasional heartburn and diarrhea. During the holidays, diet is usually the main culprit when it comes to digestive problems. Active Digestive Enzymes may provide the answer.

Take Back Your Digestive Health

At Global Health Trax, we take pride in creating dependable, natural supplements that help our customers improve the way they approach their personal wellbeing. Our mission is to deliver the best digestive nutritional products, with progressive formulations, for optimal wellness, longevity, and improved quality of life for people throughout the world. Start your GHT journey today