5 Ways Probiotics Help Women

We all know that probiotics play a pivotal role in supporting the human body’sgroup of women microbiome. They provide the backup to the good bacteria in your gut needed to continue the fight for your digestive health. 

But what you may not know is that while probiotics are good for you regardless of gender or age, there are some benefits that help with women’s health in specific. 

Regular probiotic use has been linked to a number of wonderful benefits for women that shouldn’t go unnoticed! From digestive to vaginal and even dermatological health, probiotics can open a world of possibilities when it comes to improving your way of life.

Here’s a look at five ways Global Health Trax probiotics can help women: 

Probiotics Can Decrease Bloating

It’s no secret; bloating is uncomfortable. And for thousands of years, women everywhere have been hard-pressed to find a solution to this age-old problem. Anything from stress to malnutrition to your menstrual cycle can cause it. Luckily, probiotics are a great solution! If you’re ready to put the discomfort of bloating behind you, taking a daily probiotic supplement may provide your body with the boost it needs to fight off bad bacteria and get rid of unwanted gas and digestive issues.

Probiotics Can Support Vaginal Health

Did you know that the same microflora that help your digestive system function are also present in your vagina? In specific, the probiotic strain L. acidophilus that’s found in our SevenLac probiotics is the very same strain that’s an integral part of the vaginal microbiome. It provides support to this in two ways:

Vaginal PH Balance

A little-known fact about probiotics is that they can help a woman’s body balance its vaginal ph levels. Our supplements may support a healthy vaginal ph.

Urinary Tract Health

And since the female urinary tract also relies on L. Acidophilus to support its microbiome, probiotics can be a much-appreciated supplement to a healthy diet. The urogenital flora of healthy premenopausal women ensure that the urinary tract is free of infection and functioning healthily. 

Probiotics Help Support Healthy Skin

And it doesn’t stop with digestive and vaginal health – probiotics also support great skin! From fighting off acne to decreasing blemishes, incorporating our supplements into your daily routine can help promote a healthier look! That’s because recent studies have shown that a balanced microbiome may help reduce problems like acne, and even dry skin. 

Enhance Your Way of Life Naturally, with Global Health Trax

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