How to Improve Gut Health Naturally

Improve Gut Health NaturallyAre you looking to improve gut health? Here at Global Health Trax, our passion extends to each of the products we’ve specially formulated for our customers and is the single driving force behind why we do what we do. 

After all, when your gut isn’t functioning the way it should, neither is the rest of your body. 

Here’s how to improve your gut health–naturally!

Cut Down Sugar Consumption

The first thing you can do to make a noticeable difference in your gut health is to cut down on sugar consumption. As we’ve mentioned in another one of our articles, there’s a constant battle being fought in your intestinal tract. It’s between good and bad bacteria. While good bacteria help streamline your body’s most essential metabolic functions, bad bacteria tend to cause uncomfortable side effects like lethargy, poor digestion, and mood swings. 

Depending on which bacteria are winning the battle, your body can undergo major changes, for better or for worse. Bad bacteria feed mostly off of sugar. That’s their main fuel, and consuming less of it in your diet can starve these little critters and tip the scales in favor of the good bacteria your body needs and craves.

Increase Fiber Consumption

While we’re on the topic of bacteria and what they need to survive, let’s talk about what good bacteria require. Unlike bad bacteria, good bacteria don’t react well to sugar. And while cutting down your intake may starve some of their less healthy counterparts, it won’t necessarily do much to help increase the proliferation of microflora in your gut. 

Instead, the answer lies in fiber. Good bacteria thrive on it, and we’ve written whole blogs on exactly that topic. Basically, the amount of fiber you add to your diet directly correlates to an increase in the level of good bacteria in your gut. 

Foods high in fiber include beans, broccoli, berries, and others you can find here.

Take Probiotics

We’ve discussed how to starve bad bacteria and how to feed good bacteria, but there’s one more natural way to improve gut health: augmenting your existing good bacteria levels using probiotics. For many people with poor gut health, just cutting out sugar and eating more fiber won’t be enough. They need more assistance with winning the bacteria battles being waged in their digestive systems. 

The truth is, bacteria die off. You need a way to augment your current numbers so that your body is well prepared to fight off bad bacteria when the time comes. Introducing more of the strains that your gut needs to do this is easier than you think. Just one packet of our SevenLac probiotics, for example, introduces millions of beneficial microflora to the intestinal tract for the purpose of replenishing needed friendly flora and boosting intestinal health. It’s safe, healthy, and our customers swear by it!

Improve Your Gut Health Naturally, with Global Health Trax

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