How to Choose the Best Probiotic Bacteria Strain

Choosing the right probiotic supplement is a bigger decision than you think. There are so many options available on the market, but not all of them function the same way. When buying a probiotic, always take a look at the ingredients! Knowing what strains are in each dose, understanding what each strain does, and how much of each strain there is can make a real difference. 

Here’s are some common reasons why people buy these supplements, and how each specific strain makes an impact:

Some of our Best Probiotic Bacteria Strains

Best for Healthy Digestion: Bacillus coagulans

Bacillus coagulans is ideal for anyone. It helps your body break down the food it eats, and helps ensure that everything is functioning as it should be. It’s a fantastic solution for anyone who suffers from occasional diarrhea.

Best for Crowding Out Bad Flora: Bacillus subtilis

These little guys are fantastic for anyone who’s got a bloom of bad bacteria in their intestines. As you may have read previously, bad bacteria (also known as flora) can really put a damper on your intestinal function. In fact, war is constantly being waged in your digestive system between strains that naturally augment bodily functions and ones that are detrimental to your health. Bacillus subtilis survives stomach passage and is able to colonize in the intestine, where it fights off the negative bacteria and may help your intestinal function where it needs to be.

Best for Enhancing Effectiveness of Good Flora: Lactobacillus acidophilus

Lactobacillus acidophilus has made a huge name for itself in the probiotic world. It has the unique ability to breakdown nutrients and produce essentials like lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and more. These byproducts of the strain’s existence have an interesting side effect: They enhance optimal intestinal flora. In other words, many of the other good bacteria living in your gut and digestive tract actually benefit from the lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide. Think of them as extra little snacks that help your most important gut flora thrive. 

Best for Supplementing the Immune System: Lactobacillus johnsonii

Our final spotlight goes to a little-known strain of bacteria that may do wonders for supporting your immune system, in addition to other benefits.  Lactobacillus johnsonii is a relatively new discovery that was recently developed by our Founding Scientists team. The probiotic strain has shown intriguing possibilities, among which are positive effects on the immune system.

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