Four Probiotics Myths You Should Stop Believing

Finding the right probiotic for your unique needs can be tough. There’s a lot to read about, and not all of it gives you clear-cut answers. In fact, depending on your sources, there may be quite a bit of misinformation going on.

Here at Global Health Trax, we want our readers to be at their very best, so we’ve compiled this list of some of the most common probiotics myths to cut through the clutter. 

Probiotics Myths to Bust 

Yogurt Has All the Probiotics You Need

While you may have seen ads from yogurt brands advertising the effectiveness of their probiotic cultures, the truth is that probiotic foods aren’t a perfect replacement for probiotic supplements. While getting yogurt and other similar foods into your body can help augment your good bacteria, it likely won’t contain sufficient levels of probiotic strains to make a significant difference. Additionally, many yogurt products are also packed with sugar and other ingredients that can actually hurt your gut flora!

Probiotics Are Only for Digestion

On the contrary! While the most common reason for purchasing probiotics is for digestion and overall gut health, these wonder-supplements are good for so much more. Probiotics can play a vital role in anything from mental health to weight loss to mood and even immune function. That’s because, believe it or not, much of our bodies’ core functions are actually linked to the gut!

All Probiotics Are the Same

This is a big one – Not all probiotics supplements are created equal! From shelf life to Colony Forming Units (CFUs), every brand differs in what it’s offering its customers. When choosing your supplement provider, make sure you do your research. Read reviews, check out their website for any extra knowledge they can show off, and follow up on factors like what strains are included in their supplements. For example, our SevenLac product has a proprietary strain that can’t be found anywhere else!

High CFUs Are Always Necessary

There is a reason why we provide multiple options when it comes to probiotic supplements. It’s because everyone needs something different. For example, if your digestive health is already on track, our ThreeLac offering makes the most sense to keep things that way. In another scenario, let’s say you’re about to travel and expect a little bit of an intolerance to the new foods you’ll be eating. Our FiveLac supplement is exactly what you need to boost your good bacteria ahead of the dietary challenge. And for the hardest days, when your digestive system demands a real overhaul, SevenLac is there to get your gut bacteria back to where they need to be.

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