How Do You Know If Your Probiotics Are Working?

Starting a probiotic regimen, or even changing your current one, may not seem like a big deal. However, if you’re having problems with your gut biome, it’s more important than you may think. 

The truth is, promoting healthy gut bacteria can help bring your whole body back to where it needs to be – but it takes time. Your gut contains billions of these important critters, and you won’t necessarily be able to reap the benefits until they get a chance to multiply and really make a difference. 

Signs Your Probiotics Are Working

Better Digestion

Have you been suffering from debilitating issues like occasional diarrhea or constipation? These can be a major detriment to your active lifestyle, and take a toll on your body each and every day. As you start forming a routine around your probiotic supplements, you should be noticing better digestion overall. The abundance of good bacteria will cause your stool to normalize, meaning that it will pass with more comfort moving forward and that your symptoms of diarrhea or constipation will slowly start to dissipate. 

Regular Bowel Movements

Another telltale sign of your probiotic supplements doing their job is if you start experiencing more regular bowel movements. While your gut is linked to a whole system of bodily functions, digestive health often shows the first reaction to probiotic use. That’s because supplements like SevenLac do a lot to even out your digestion and create regular, predictable bowel movements each day. What does that mean for you? No more running to the bathroom too many times a day, or none at all. Just a normalized cadence according to how your body should be functioning. 

Increased Energy

Another less intuitive sign that your probiotic supplements are working is if you start to notice an increase in your overall energy levels. Probiotics are notorious for helping your body perform at peak efficiency, after all.

How Long Does It Take to Tell if Probiotics are Working?

There isn’t an exact rule of thumb when it comes to the effectiveness or timeliness of your probiotic supplements taking effect. In reality, every individual is different and has a variety of health, routine, and other factors which may impact their overall results. Depending on your sensitivity, you may feel a marked difference in some of the categories above in just a few days. Others may take a couple of weeks. It’s all about what good bacteria you already have in your body and how the supplemental bacteria work to alleviate your own unique challenges. 

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