Probiotics and Immune Health in the Elderly

Immune health, especially in a pandemic year, has become a priority for many Americans. People are getting sick more than any other period during our lifetimes. And while awareness is rising across the board, there isn’t a population more vulnerable than the elderly right now. 

A healthy, well-maintained immune system could literally be the difference between life and death in some cases. Here at Global Health Trax, we pride ourselves in making a difference in the lives of our customers. We firmly believe in the power of probiotics. 

Continue reading below to learn more about how the regular use of our products can make a lasting impact on the immune health of the elderly:

Changes in our Gut as we Age 

As human beings age, the diversity in our gut flora declines dramatically. And because approximately 60-70% of our body’s immune system surrounds the gastrointestinal tract, this decrease in gut flora ultimately impacts how well our bodies are prepared to fight disease. In the end, everything in our body is connected, and when one system begins to show signs of weakness, it can lead to a cascade effect on our other systems. 

Gut health is tied to so much more than digestion. It’s the gatekeeper to the rest of the body. And because of the changes we see as we age, it becomes even more important to maintain ideal good bacteria levels. 

How Probiotics can Help Immune Health

Probiotics complete the cycle. They give your gut the reinforcements it needs to stave off not only bad bacteria, but anything else the world has to throw at your body. The truth is that probiotics may indeed play a valuable role in sustaining overall health. They are a safe, cost-effective approach that may help act as a barrier against a number of health issues. 

A 2011 study even showed that probiotics support immune cells further than just fighting off bad bacteria or helping streamline the digestive system. Scientists found that probiotics “modulate the functions of dendritic cells, macrophages, and T and B lymphocytes.” That’s a fancy way of saying that probiotics help prime the immune system to take on bigger challenges down the road.

For the elderly population, these are scary times. Catching an illness like COVID-19 can often mean something much worse than if someone younger contracted the same strain. Why not do everything you can to set your body up for success? At the end of the day, having a fighting chance is what each and every one of us deserve.

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